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Inspection Services

1. Plan Review of Commercial & Residential Projects back to list

  • Building plans are reviewed for International Building Code (IBC) compliance
  • Review “rescheck” calculations for Energy Conservation Code compliance
  • Confirm drawings provided by professionals are signed and sealed
  • Confirm all engineered materials, systems, and equipment are submitted with literature.  If applicable a professional’s sealed calculations may be requested for review
  • Work with municipalities to issue both building permits and Certificates of Occupancy

2. Site Inspections of Commercial & Residential Projects back to list

Conduct all inspections outlined in the IBC throughout the construction project.  The common inspections for compliance are as follows:

  • Footing – Inspection of footing bases, forms, and reinforcing before the placement of concrete
  • Foundation – Inspection of foundation walls, waterproofing, and damp proofing before the backfilling of systems
  • Under slab – Inspection of under slab utilities (i.e. plumbing and electrical) before backfilling and placement of concrete
  • Framing – Inspection of wall and floor framing systems
  • Rough-in  – Inspection of plumbing, fire, mechanical, and electrical  in wall rough-in before the installation of insulation and wall board systems
  • Insulation – Inspection of insulation systems to conform compliance of “rescheck” energy calculations
  • Final – Inspection of final building systems for compliance to IBC and handicap accessibility codes
  • Specialty – Depending on scope, additional inspections related to fire sprinkler systems, firewall penetrations, and above ceiling work may be required

3. Typical Plan Review and Inspection Projects back to list

  • New residential and commercial buildings
  • Renovations and repairs to residential and commercial buildings
  • Additions
  • Patios, decks, sheds, pole buildings, and fences
  • Hot tubs
  • Pools, both in-ground and above-ground
  • Solar panels, roof or ground-mounted
  • Plumbing permits
  • Mechanical permits
  • Electrical permits

4. Zoning Officer back to list

  • Answer applicant questions
  • Review zoning applications for conformance to local zoning ordinance (i.e. parking space calculations, use conformity, setbacks, etc.)
  • Constant communication with municipal staff and consultants such as solicitor and engineer
  • Communication with zoning hearing board including agenda, advertising, facilitating meetings, and follow-up
  • Follow up with enforcement notices to properties not confirming with the zoning ordinance
  • Work hand in hand with planning staff to enforce zoning regulations and assist on joint projects

5. Sewage Enforcement Officer back to list

  • Review applications, issue permits, and inspect construction
  • Review and approve planning modules for new land developments and subdivided properties
  • Conduct necessary field tests
  • Perform administrative duties and keep all records required by the Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act

6. Code Enforcement back to list

  • Answer questions of residents and respond to complaints
  • Communicate with residents that need to abide with code regulations
    • Initial communication verbally
    • Follow up communication would be written
    • Extended communication would involve solicitor interaction and appropriate fines
  • Establish validity of complaint with field inspection

7. Municipal Programs back to list

  • Assist municipalities in enforcing resolutions and ordinances
  • Communicate to businesses and residents how to comply with the passed regulations:
    • Create and distribute documentation
    • Follow up with any questions and answers
    • Submit progress reports to the municipality
  • Some examples are water and sewer remediation projects to ensure proper use of wastewater systems